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Everyday Obedience Level 1 is suitable for dogs and puppies over 6 months of age, who have not attended our puppyclass.

The course starts with a three-hour theory session, which is currently being held as a webinar. The theory session is in Norwegian, with English subtitles available. During week 33 or 34, all participants will have one 45-minute one-on-one lesson with an instructor at the course site (you can book your lesson closer to start, link will come in an email). Following this (from week 35 to 40) are 6 weekly classes with participants divided into groups. We have no more than 3-5 dogs per instructor.

Please fill in to get a place: Påmelding Kurs.

Tuesdays (in English)17:30-18:304 available spots
Tirsdager (norsk)10:00-11:004 ledige plasser

Price: 2900NOK
Our course book “Hverdagslydighet fra valp til voksen» (only in Norwegian at the moment) is included in the price. If you can’t read Norwegian, you can get a discount of 200kr, instead of the book.

The theory session will cover:

  • What a dog really is
  • How dogs learn
  • How to raise and train a puppy using reward-based methods
  • House training
  • How to stop unwanted behaviours using reward-based methods
  • How to teach your dog what is and isn’t allowed (boundaries)
  • Puppy chewing
  • Training your dog to be left alone
  • The dog’s behaviour and language
  • The puppy’s development
  • The most important exercises in the course, shown on video. (Recall, loose leash walking, passing others, polite greetings, etc.)

The course contains these exercises:

  • Eye contact
  • Staying in place despite distractions.
  • Stop-sound
  • Recall
  • Loose leash walking
  • stay
  • Passing humans and dogs
  • Greeting humans politely
  • Establishing cues
  • Basic handling training (grooming, nail trims, etc.)
  • Socialisation, etc.

Is the course for you or your dog?

It is you, and not necessarily your puppy, who will be doing most of the learning during this course. Therefore, the person who will be training the puppy during the training sessions needs to watch the theory session-webinar. If you, for some reason, need a stand-in for one of the sessions, this person must also have watched the theory session and followed the class. Your dog’s training will not be complete after the course, but you will have a solid foundation for further training. The next level after the puppy class is «Everyday obedience part 2».

Do you have specific challenges?

For some challenges, it might be more useful for you and your dog to have a private lesson in your home (read more under «Privatundervisning»). This might include issues with training your dog to be left alone, passing other dogs or humans on walks, handling (nail trims, grooming, vet visits, etc), barking, or unwanted behaviour when visitors come over.

The training methods are adapted to suit each individual dog and owner. Taking one or more private lessons before attending a course will often help you achieve better results than a course alone.

Price: 800,- per 60min + driving costs (6,- per km) from Stavanger, Sandnes or Sola. We reserve 2 hours for the first lesson, but we only use as much time as needed.

Remember to book your lesson in advance, as we often have a waiting list for private lessons.

Do you have any questions?

Siri Linnerud Riber
CEO and General Manager
siri (a)
+47 416 39 727